We all think cleaning is simple. Unfortunately, it is our experience that a high proportion of Check Outs result in sizeable costs to Tenants because they try to clean themselves and the standards fall short of what is required. We recommend they use a professional cleaning service. There are several local companies that provide a specialist end-of-tenancy clean but we find them most effective if they have been recommended by the Letting Agent or Landlord.

Areas that are often overlooked include doors and door frames, perimeters of ceilings, skirting boards, radiators, table and cabinet tops. Under sofa seat cushions, light fitting and shades, window frames and sills.

Carpets, soft furnishing and curtains may require specialist cleaning. This is not the same as hiring an industrial vacuum cleaner or wet cleaner and doing it yourself.

Windows should be freshly cleaned inside and outside. A professional window cleaning service will do this efficiently and safely.

Bathroom fittings should be clean and polished, free of scale and water marks. Wall tiles and shower screens need to be clean and polished (especially around the shower, WC and wash basin). Remove scale and water marks from chrome taps and shower fittings. The pedestals of WC’s and wash basins need to be wiped clean and polished.

Kitchen white goods should be clean and shiny. Washing machines need to be clear of soap residue and water scale, the rubber door seals should be cleaned. Professional oven cleaners do a fantastic job and will save a lot of time and hassle. The freezer must be thoroughly defrosted and cleaned.

Kitchen cupboards and drawers need to be cleaned right into the corners.