Tenants: Getting the property ready for the Check Out
It is in your interest that the property is presented in a good condition and has been well cleaned for the Check Out. The standard of presentation should be similar to that described in the Inventory (allowing for normal wear & tear). You will find it useful to have the Inventory to hand – contact us if you need a copy.

At the Check Out appointment, we will inspect the property and its contents and compare them to the descriptions and comments in the Inventory. We will make short-hand notes and take photos which will form the basis of the Check Out Report we issue about 48 hours later.

The property should be fully ready by the time of the appointment, having removed all your personal items and completed the cleaning. If you are not going to be ready, let us know as soon as possible to avoid being charged a cancellation fee. You won’t be given the opportunity to do additional cleaning and it is unlikely you will be able to gain access to the property after the Check Out.

Focus on these areas….
1) Cleaning is one of the most common causes of end-of-tenancy disputes. At the Check Out, the standard of cleaning should match or improve on, that described in the Inventory. A large proportion of Check Outs result in sizable costs to the Tenants because they have not allocated sufficient time or funds to arrange a thorough clean.

TIP: Use a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning service recommended by your Letting Agent.

2) All furniture and items should be placed in their positions at the beginning of the Tenancy according to the Inventory document. Any heavy or awkward items that need to be moved after the Check Out, will probably result in deductions from the deposit.

TIP: before the Check Out, ask us for access to a set of photos from the Check In so you can see how the furniture was positioned!

3) The gardens and outside areas should be tidy. Lawns should be mown, seasonal debris removed; bushes cut back from paths, windows and doors. Hardstanding areas should be swept (and jet washed if appropriate) and any weeds removed.

TIP: Don’t leave it to the last few days to mow the grass – it might rain!

4) Make sure all the lights work – replace any bulbs that failed during the Tenancy. If a bulb has not been replaced the Agent can charge you a call-out fee for an electrician to buy and fit a replacement bulb – typically around £40.00!

TIP: Don’t pack the step ladder until the last thing – keep it nearby with a range of spare light bulbs in case any bulbs fail in the last few days or at the Check Out!

5) Make sure all the keys are available and clearly identified. Any lost or missing keys could result in the need to change locks with the fee being deducted from your deposit.

TIP: Test all the keys before the Check Out and tick them off against the summary in the Inventory. Gather all the keys (including window keys), remove them from keys rings and lay them out on the Kitchen worktop before we arrive.

6) If we can locate and access the meters, we will record the readings in the Check Out Report. It is in your interest to inform the Agent about your providers and your customer account numbers.

TIP: Make sure you know where the meters are (including the elusive water meter!) and that they are easily accessible. The Inventory Clerk won’t spend much time searching for them and won’t move items that are obscuring the meters.