The Inventory
The Inventory describes how the property was presented at the start of the Tenancy and what standard the Tenants should aim for at the Check Out.

The Inventory Clerk
We will be impartial and unbiased. We are trained and experienced at locating damage and assessing fair wear and tear.

What happens at the Check Out?
We will review the condition of the property and compare it to the descriptions and comments in the Inventory. Within 48 hours of the Check Out, we will prepare and issue a Check Out Report.

The Landlord and Tenants do not need to attend the Check Out – although some may find it useful if they have the opportunity. If Tenants decide not to attend or are unable to, they should return their keys to the Letting Agent before the Check Out.

The Check Out Report
In preparing the Check Out Report, we will review our notes and photos from the Check Out. We will take into account the length of the Tenancy and make allowances for normal wear & tear during that time.

We will be hoping to recommend the return of the Tenant’s full deposit, however, any items damaged, missing, not sufficiently cleaned or that have excessive usage marks, will be summarized in the Report and will typically result in deductions from the deposit. In the Report, we might suggest cleaning, repair, replacement or compensation which should be based on quotations from appropriate contractors or suppliers.

TIP: When you are reading the Check Out Report, have the original Inventory to hand so you can see how items were described at the start of the Tenancy.