An Inventory prepared by us provides an appropriately detailed and objective record of the condition of the décor and contents of the property at the start of the Tenancy. It is the basis for settling any disputes regarding cleaning, replacement or repair at the end of the Tenancy and will allow the Landlord to be fairly compensated while also protecting the Tenant’s deposit from spurious claims.

At Blueprint Inventories, we know how to record and present an Inventory that meets the standards required for legal dispute resolution but is also in plain English and easy to read. We prepare a new ‘updated’ document for the start of each Tenancy as part of the Check In process. Without this document, it may be impossible for a Landlord to make a successful claim against the Tenant for damage repair or cleaning costs.

We use the best voice recognition and transcription technology. The digital photographs we take can be made available for reviewing and downloading via this website. Please contact us for your secure login details and password.